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Archived letters to Tally 
- our resident Advice Columnist

Dear Tally:
My owner doesn't want to touch me anymore and I feel really itchy! Sometimes I see black specks all over the blanket where I was sleeping. I'm SO embarassed. What could it be?
"Unhappy in Utica"

It sounds to me like you are suffering from ectoparasites, commonly called FLEAS!!

Don't jump out of your skin just yet, there are treatment options available. My friends at Plaza Vet apply a product called Revolution to me once a month. Just a few drops on the skin between my shoulder blades prevents me from getting fleas, ear mites, hookworms, roundworms, and heartworms! There are other products available too that will protect your from fleas.

Wishing you a flea free life ~ Tally

P.S. - Revolution is not just for cats, and the dog version also protects against ticks!


Dear Tally:
I'm a 4 year old male Shepherd mix. I'm quite handsome but not very popular in my neighborhood. My favorite pastime is wandering the streets and I don't think I need to tell you why. My owner complains that I'm much too hyper and they get SO mad when I lift my leg in the house or growl when I'm unhappy. Any suggestions?
"Amorous in Ann Arbor"

Have I got news for you. Your owners need to have an orchiectomy performed on you. In layman's terms you need to be NEUTERED!!

Neutering will help you with a bevy of problems. Obviously you are leaving home to seek out female companionship. Doing so puts you at risk of getting in a fight with the competition or being seriously injured by an automobile. Neutering will also decrease your risk of developing testicular or prostate cancer and it might even sweeten your disposition!

Good luck ~ Tally


Dear Tally:
I'm losing all my friends and I don't know why! Every time I open my mouth they all scatter. My owner doesn't want me to kiss her anymore and I have a really bad taste in my mouth too. What should I do?
"Friendless in Ferndale"

Dear "Friendless":
It sounds like you are despairing over dental problems! When my friends at Plaza noticed I wasn't as kissy fresh as I could be they had the doctor check my teeth and he found I had a lot of tartar buildup. They performed a dental prophylaxis on me, also known as a DENTAL CLEANING.

I had to breathe some anesthetic and count backwards from 100. Next thing you know I woke up with fresh breath and pearly whites. I was so happy I was kissing everybody! This was just my personal experience - you should be taken to your vet to have an oral examination to determined the cause of your halitosis.

Best wishes ~ Tally


Hi Tally:
I'm caught in a hairy situation. I don't know when this unpampered pooch last saw a brush or a bathtub. I'm just a big mess of tangles, knots and nails. What is a girl to do?
"Smelly in St. Clair"

Dear "Smelly":
It sounds like you could use a day at the beauty parlor. Our very experienced, gentle groomers (I just love those gals), will give you a shampoo, blow dry, hair cut and four paw pedicure. You can be looking gorgeous and feeling fresh in no time. Have your people call us for an appointment!

Your Friend ~ Tally


Dear Tally:
I'm writing with the hope that my scary experience will help others. I was in my yard, found a hole in the fence and decided to take myself for a walk.

To keep a long story short I was eventually captured by the Animal Control Officer and placed in the "Pokey", the "Barking Big House"...I was in Doggy Jail! Obviously they had no idea who they were dealing with, that is until they found out I had a microchip.

As soon as they ran the microchip scanner over my shoulders, my"Home Again" i.d. number showed up. The officer was able to make a few phone calls and I was reunited with my family. That was one happy day for all of us!

I've since learned that many vets and shelters have the microchip readers and if an animal comes in with a microchip, they'll likely have the same happy outcome as I did.

I just wanted to get the word out Tally, I love your column and hope you print my letter.
- "Relieved in Rochester"

Dear "Relieved":
WOW! I bet you'll think twice before putting on your walking shoes again. I'm glad everything worked out for you, and thanks for the letter!

Best Regards ~ Tally